Permaculture Food Forest Gardening Course April 2015

In the jungle island of Koh Phangan, we’ll be transforming a pre-existing forest into a thriving forest garden over 5 dirty days! The course will focus on the practical side of permaculture, given the students the chance to get down with the soil, as we believe that learning through doing is a powerful educational tool. We will learn all the essential design techniques of permaculture through action. The current course curriculum is:


More information is available on the course flyer:


The total cost of the course is $230 US, which is fully catered by Mantra, from Axis Mundi Catering, which is over 30 hours of education.

And each student will recieve a USB completely packed with everything that is needed on every topic to start a permaculture forest garden. There are ebooks, pamphlets, informative videos, documentaries, and more!

The students will need to bring a book, pen, and appropriate clothing for themselves for working outside.

For any questions, please, feel free to email us on


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