I’m currently undertaking a Diploma of Permaculture through the Permaculture Institute! A requirement of the Diploma is to have had designed at least seven successful permaculture properties. SO, I’ve decided to offer TEN FREE PERMACULTURE SITE DESIGNS a.k.a. MASTER PLANS for your urban food forest dreams in the Melbourne region this winter!

For the past several years I’ve worked on several permaculture plots in Australia, India and Thailand.


A design Molly Hoffman & I made for a vertical garden at Rak Tamachat, Thailand (2014).

Rak Tamachat Josh Planting

Teaching and Participating in building a No Dig Gardening at Rak Tamachat, Si Khiu, Thailand (2014)

Herb Spiral Odanadi India Permaculture

Beginning of Food Forest Implementation, Odanadi Women’s Orphanage, Mysore, India (2013)

Odandi after food forest establishment

1 year after Food Forest Implementation – Odandi Woman’s Orphanage, Mysore, India (2013)


Odanadi Women’s Orphanage, Mysore, India (2013)

Teaching Odanadi Permaculture

Presenting our Master Plan to the woman of Odanadi Women’s Orphanage

Josh gathering Butterfly Pea cuttings for propagation.

Me gathering Butterfly Pea cuttings for propagation. Thailand (2015)

bee hive CERES

Building beehives at CERES Environmental Park, Melbourne (2015)


What a succesful Permaculture Backyard looks like! (courtesy of Wikipedia).

Through devotion to learning more about permaculture, I’ve complimented my time spent working hands on farms, with publishing articles for the PRI, Elephant Journal, and privately, and doing extensive personal research towards developing more regenerative modes of existence. I’m currently settled in Melbourne this winter, 2015 and would love to spend my time here sharing what I’ve learned by passion-fueled, personalized permaculture designs for your property.

Please feel free to get in touch and ask questions! For now, I’ll have to cap this offer at 10 designs, but I plan to offer a wide range of open-sourced permaculture education in the future, so we can continue to build our global community together!

To apply or inquire, send an email to or drop a line at (+61) 0435 862 889

All my love,

Joshua Muir



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