Russell Brand on Localizing Food Production

I’ve always enjoyed Russell Brands eccentricity and passion ever since watching that hilarious video of him appearing on MSNBC’s morning program and completely making fun of the news anchors interviewing him. If you haven’t watched his alternative video’s before it’s easy to presume that Brand is a shallow single-faced celebrity, yet this is far from the real character behind the fame-facade. Flicking through youtube, there are interviews of him talking about Transcendental Meditation, empathetic spiritual centered drug rehabilitation programs, debates on capitalism and alternative economics; the list goes on and on and is worth checking out.

Over the past year Brand has been engaging greatly with social activism and has supported many local campaigns by being present in rallies, protests, and using his online fan base to spread these messages. On his youtube channel, titled ‘The Trews’ – which stands for true news – he posts his opinions on many topics, and recently tackled the issue of local food production.

Brand and his guest, Helena Norberg-Hodge, discuss how the worlds agricultural needs can be met with localized, organic farming – a statistic released from the UN, along with recent trade tariff agreements and what that actually entails.

A interesting little video with many interesting issues worth discussing:


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