GMO Debate

Sam Seder provides a humorous commentary on this debate between young GMO activist Rachel Parent and Kevin O’Leary, pro-GMO journalist who seems to have his hands deep within Monsanto’s pockets.

The main point in this video as Kevin himself states, is that corporations and their researchers don’t know the long-term results of GMO food, which is close to 100% of all of the food stocked in supermarkets. There never has been long-term tests from GMO companies or independents as to how these products effect human or ecological health – besides the fact that ‘…we [the consumers] are the lab rats..,’ which is quoted in the video by Kevin.

Monsanto doesn’t know what effects GMO seeds may have in the long run and so we the people have become the test subjects – and judging by Monsanto’s track records of destroying the land and ruining peoples lives (google India’s Suicide Belt for further reading) the result won’t be great for anybody who isn’t corporate.

One more reason to go organic.


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